About the Council

The Council of Presidents (COP) is a voluntary association of Washington’s six public baccalaureate degree granting college and universities.  Located in Olympia, WA, COP strives to be a common voice for the public baccalaureate sector and the most respected and trusted resource for decision makers on issues affecting public higher education. COP serves as the coordinating role for a number of initiatives and activities common to the public baccalaureate institutions, fostering coordination and collaboration among the public baccalaureates as well as with other educational partners, both in Washington and nationally.


Each year on July 1 a different president assumes the role of COP chair. The chairs of all COP committees also rotate on the same schedule. Below are the current members of The Council of Presidents.


Council of Presidents Staff

COP News

Obama Administration Maps Next 18 Months for Higher Education

This week U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan outlined the Obama Administration’s higher education priorities in its remaining 18 months. The focus will be on degree completion and educational quality.

08/05/2015 | COP Blog


Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force Begins Work

Last Friday was the first meeting of the Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force. Created by SB 5719 (2015), the task force is comprised of 14 members across higher education, law enforcement, and other state and local partners...

08/03/2015 | COP Blog


Honoring Dr. Elson Floyd